DAPS is a luxury CBD brand aiming to improve lives inside and out while also providing a digital, interactive experience. DAPS’ community is made up of millennial professionals; hustlers, grinders, and entrepreneurs. Their products give a sensation of peace that lasts throughout the day to combat the stresses of the modern workplace. One of DAPS’ big goals was to become a CBD brand that could be accessible to anyone; an identity not attached to weed-leaf, stoner-bro culture. DAPS was to be separated from the stigma preventing so many from taking advantage of CBD products.
In order to position DAPS as a unique wellness brand, it needed an iconic mark with universal appeal. The DAPS identity exudes feelings of luxury, simplicity, peace, and community — all the core tenets of the brand. The fist-bump-shield mark communicates strength and camaraderie while the wide, elegant typography gives an air of exclusivity.
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