"Death of a Musician" - Fang-tooth
Fang-tooth is an art rock band from New Jersey combining sounds from emo, hip hop, and classic rock. Think Brand New meets Kanye West. The band wanted a logo and mark that they would be able to use as a community identifier (think the “|-\” from twenty one pilots) as well as a mark they could put on anything from single cover art to t-shirts. In addition, the band was releasing an album and needed CD packaging.
The logo system had to reflect what the band stood for and who they were. Therefore, the final result is edgy, bold, and dark. “Fang-tooth” is both a nickname for one of the band members’ dads as well as deep sea fish. After exploring various options, the decision was obvious to use an illustration of the fish itself. The typography is jagged and depicts the form of a mouth with razor-sharp teeth. The logo is as idiosyncratic and determined as the band is.
Thank you.

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